Being Deaf is often a benefit in the workplace.

Deaf people have stronger peripheral vision, are better at detecting motion and forms, have higher visual and spatial intelligence, and much more. #DeafEffect takes a look at the gifts Deaf people and signed languages offer to humanity. With real-life stories sharing how the #DeafEffect has led to unique careers, you’ll never look at Deaf people the same way again.

Do Deaf people actually see better?

Watch Peter Hauser director of Center on Cognition and Language at NTID share examples of his work and his #DeafEffect.

While hearing people do have the ability to visualize, Deaf people do it differently.

Watch Arthur Yankilevich explain how he uses his #DeafEffect to his advantage at SpaceX.

Jody Hamilton, RN has spent the last 20 years as a nurse.

Her patients benefit from her #DeafEffect: enhanced periphery vision.  Watch the video to see her in action.

Is your workplace Deaf friendly?

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