The CSD Works Job Club is a six-week long online course for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who want to work.

People look for jobs at all different times in their lives. Maybe you’re in high school or college, or maybe you have worked for a while and you’re ready for a career change. Wherever you are in the process, everyone can use some guidance. That’s where the new CSD Works Online Job Club comes in.

How does the Job Club work?

 Our goal is to empower Deaf individuals with the tools needed for a successful job search. Job Club participants will go through the course with a group of their peers, meeting weekly to interact and network, as well as get one-to-one guidance from Deaf and Hard of Hearing professionals. Each week will focus on topics that support finding and keeping jobs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. There will be interaction over video with the instructor – a one hour “live class” for the group each week, as well as one hour-long individual session.


Aside from video chatting, Job Club activities include:

  • Lecture videos
  • Discussion board questions
  • Weekly assignments
  • Weekly surveys

What will I learn in the Job Club?

  • Week One: “Ready to Begin”

    The first week is focused on introducing you to the course and what the next six weeks will be like. There will be instructional videos  showing you how to find and sign up for the course on, and how to use the ZOOM videoconferencing platform. You will learn why you need  a personal portfolio and how to build it.

  • Week Two: “Crafting Your Resume”

    Before this week’s live class, your instructor will review your current resume. During instructional time, you’ll learn about the purpose of resumes and get tips on how to make yours better . Group discussion will be encouraged to compare different types of resume samples.

  • Week Three: “Where Are the Jobs?”

    This week, you’ll discuss job search strategies​ and learn more about the power of networking. Share and learn tips on how to reach out to the people you know who want to see you succeed.

  • Week Four: “Preparing For Your Interview”

    This week, you’re going to get prepared for your upcoming interviews! Learn tips on how to request an interpreter or any other accommodation you might need. Practice your interview skills by recording your responses to questions in ASL on

  • Week Five: “Acing Your Interview”

    Be a champ during your interview by learning different strategies like storytelling while you practice interviewing and get feedback with your peers. You’ll also get constructive feedback from the instructor on your video responses from the week before.

  • Week Six: “Personal to Professional”

    In the final week of the Job Club, you’ll learn the difference between soft and hard skills – and identify strengths and areas to improve on. Discuss different workplace situations and learn best practices for finding solutions.

Are you ready to start your journey towards finding the job you want? What are you waiting for?

What does the future hold for the Virtual Job Club?

At CSD Works, our team is SO excited to work on this program with you. The possibilities for Deaf success are limitless. Right now, this program is only available to Texas residents, but our goal is to see it expanded nationwide. Even if you don’t live in Texas – sign up anyway. We’ll let you know when the Job Club is available in your area. We’re working to make this program as accessible as possible, and we are already working to increase access by adding Spanish captions.