The Abilicorp Disability Related Financial Management Initiative plans to implement a DRFM QNA Platform and a DRFM Advisor Platform to help people with disabilities and their support network understand and navigate the labyrinth of government and private agencies that finance disability related expenses. Both platforms will be based on a DRFM Knowledge-Base. The DRFM QNA Platform will enable people to ask questions privately, or to a Disability-Related Financial Management Forum. The DRFM Advisor Platform will enable to generate a plan for how to optimize their finances given their financial goals and present and projected expenses.

Abilicorp is looking for an enthusiastic, experienced and energetic systems analyst/developer to design and implement the IT systems these platforms require.


  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Problem solving skills
  3. Experience designing and implementing online forums and knowledge-bases
  4. Experience implementing online and chat-bot finance-based applications such as retirement calculators, budget apps and disability benefits calculators
  5. Experience design and implementing databases and other support systems required by finance-based systems
  6. Experience implementing web accessibility standards.

Desired skills:

  1. Experience with using search engines to populate databases
  2. Familiarity with cultural, economic and social experiences of people living with disability
  3. Personal and/or professional experience with disability benefits and the Disability Community
  4. College degree or employment experience related to disability related studies and policy

Initial tasks

  • Understand DRFM’s goals and objectives
  • Collaborate with Abilicorp, and disability benefits subject matter experts on the content and design of the DRFM QNA Platform.
  • Generate questions based on the DRFM Attribute Grid. Submit these questions to the Google Search Engine. In collaboration with Abilicorp, and disability benefits subject matter experts, build an initial DRFM knowledge-base with these Questions and Answers.
  • Build a DRFM Forum where the public can submit DRFM questions that will be answered from previously submitted Questions and Answers and/or the Forum Moderator, and/or other Forum participants.
  • Collaborate with Abilicorp, financial advisors, and disability benefits subject matter experts on the content and design of the DRFM Advisor Platform


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