eGuide: Implementing Effective Communication

Jul 10, 2019

Learn how to effectively communicate with deaf and hard of hearing employees by downloading this free eGuide. 

Communicating effectively in the workplace is an especially critical tool for anyone, deaf or hearing. Soft skills like active listening, engaging in nonverbal communication, empathizing, giving constructive feedback, and being clear and concise lead to greater productivity and effectiveness. 

So, what does this mean for the deaf and hard of hearing employee?

How can you ensure that all your employees receive the same level of effective, inclusive communication? With a little education, flexibility, and a willingness to try, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Download this eGuide today to learn more about communicating with deaf employees. Discover information about: 

  • Communication methods like lip reading, sign language, fingerspelling, cued speech, written communication, and CART
  • Making your workplace more deaf-friendly
  • Best practices for ensuring deaf employees are included in social activities
  • How to keep deaf employees safe in case of emergencies
  • Tips for day-to-day communication success
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