In our February Career Vlog, Kristy Ramos explains the benefits of having a career in regards to investing.

What Exactly Does This Vlog Cover?

When you have a job your paycheck goes to bills, food, rent, and other payments. What’s leftover can be put into a savings account. If you put money into a savings account, it will grow interest – or free money! The longer you leave it in this account, the more your interest will grow.

Another perk of having a job is that many organizations allow you to contribute to your retirement fund. When you opt-in to these programs, a percentage of your paycheck will be set aside for your retirement, and of course, will grow interest! This way, when you’re ready to retire you’ll have funds readily available to support your lifestyle.

If you’re able to, you should aim to have both a savings account and a retirement fund. This way you’ll have interest growing in two separate accounts.

Kristy explains all of this, and more in this vlog. You can check out the upcoming vlog topics here.

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