More than 33 million jobs have been lost during the Coronavirus pandemic and this number is continuing to grow. In addition to this, it is estimated that 40% of these position cuts could be permanent. This means that there will be more qualified people competing for fewer open positions.   

To compete in this market, job seekers must go beyond just preparing for their desired job and must prepare for the realities of the job search itself.   

How can you increase your chances of getting hired? Preparation is key.

Most job seekers are aware that a successful job search requires an effective resume, knowledge about where to look for job posting, and job-specific interview prep. These skills don’t come naturally to everyone, but everyone can learn.

To better teach these skills to deaf and hard of hearing job seekers who live in Texas, CSD Works has partnered with the Kessler Foundation to create free a crash course in ASL.  This course focuses on job search skills so that deaf and hard of hearing job seekers residing in Texas can take their job searches to the next level.

Register today for the CSD Works Job Club Crash Course!

In four sessions taught over two weeks, registrants will learn about:

  • Creating effective resumes, cover letters, and portfolios.
  • Job search strategies to get your application seen.
  • Preparing for and participating in an interview.
  • Information about flourishing in your new job.

And more! If you’re located in Texas and are looking for work this course is a valuable resource. Sessions will be held from 1-3 p.m. CST on July 7th, 9th, 14th, and 16th.

Don’t miss out! Registration is limited to twenty (20) participants. Register now to ensure you get in!

Meet Your Teacher

We are excited to have Carlos Mendez join CSD Works’ in leading this crash course. In 2015, Carlos earned his Master’s degree in Education from Concordia University.

Carlos has served as a transition teacher with the ACCESS (Adult Curriculum for Community, Employment, and Social Skills) program at the Texas School for the Deaf for the past 11 years. As a deaf Latino-Chinese person, he is committed to serving as a role model for the culturally diverse groups of students that participate in the ACCESS program.

Carlos particularly enjoys teaching independent living skill topics, with an additional focus on project-based learning using wood craftsmanship to inspire students. He is a firm believer that learning a trade is a lost art and believes that hands-on projects makes his students focused, motivated and successful post-graduation.

Are you ready to learn from Carlos?

Need Job Search Advice but Don’t Live in Texas?  

Currently, our crash course is only available to Texas residents. However, we do have several resources available that can support anyone in their job search. Check them out below:  

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