The Special Education Teacher/Teacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring effective individualized academic programs for each assigned student. The Teacher also assists the mental health specialist in the development, implementation, and monitoring of the individualized mental health treatment plan for each assigned student. The Teacher is a member of a classroom team. Responsible for academic programming for up to 8 students. Assists in development of mental health programming for up to 8 students.

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A. To assure effective academic programming for each student which results in high rates of academic progress and successful program completion, the Teacher will:
– Design and annually review Individualized Education Plans (I.E.P.s) for each student (teacher will assist in this process)
– Design daily individual lesson plans for each student
– Instruct students in all areas specified in I.E.P. through individual or group interactions;
– Integrate experiential education into student’s daily programming;
– Maintain frequent informal communication with team members regarding student programming and progress; and
– Demonstrates a proficient level of cultural sensitivity.
– Actively implement components of all Re-ED values in the school, home, and community settings

The Teacher addresses the unique educational, communication, and social/emotional needs of the student with hearing loss and provides guidance to the student’s family and school personnel.
– Provides instruction from a Deaf Education linguistic-based perspective with mediational strategies, to address the learning, language, communication, auditory, and social impact of hearing loss and to advance academic achievement.
– Provides specialized instruction in the hearing-related areas of: – – — Auditory Training, Speechreading, Vocabulary Development, – ——— Speech/language development, Social Skill Development, Hearing — Aide/FM use and maintenance, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Positive – – Coping Strategies/Self Advocacy. Mediates with students to generalize these skills across environments.
– Demonstrates the skills and fluency necessary to communicate effectively using a Total Communication approach
– Demonstrates the ability to assess student needs and progress, and its relationship to hearing loss.

B. To assure effective behavior health programming to increase each student’s adaptive social skills and appropriate school decorum, the Teacher/SET will assist the Mental Health Specialist in:

– Designing and implementing a classroom management system and policies,
– Implementing group process procedures in the classroom
– Completing designated assessment forms on a regular basis;
– Formulating Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTP);
– Maintaining frequent informal communication with team members regarding student programming and progress;

C.To assure comprehensive documentation of all academic and behavioral progress, the Teacher will:

– Prepare and distribute to students report cards and progress monitoring;
– Complete record-keeping procedures for team meetings,
– Follow designated program policy regarding the documentation of critical incidents
– Utilize technology through electronic documentation, electronic communication, and use of the internet to supplement programming.
– Assist in completing daily progress notes when necessary

D. To assure the continuous safety of all students, the Teacher will:

– Directly supervise assigned students
– Follow program-designated procedures for all physical contact with students;
– Follow program-designated procedures for student illness and injury, including arranging necessary medical care – – (with approval of Coordinator or Program/Education Director) – – informing appropriate persons of the situation, and documenting the injury/illness and actions taken;
assist other staff, as needed, in physical interventions to protect students, staff, and property from damage;
– Detect and remediate, with approval of Coordinator, if necessary, any potentially dangerous environmental conditions
when transporting students, maintain safe driving procedures.
– Is responsible to monitor and document youth in self-administering medication and ensure dosage timelines are met.

E.To assure the continuing development of professional skills, the Teacher will:

– Participate in all regularly scheduled inservice programs
with the approval of the Program/Education Director, periodically serve on program committees;
– With the approval of the Program/Education Director, periodically attend local, state, or national conferences and workshops.

F. To promote the professional image of Pressley Ridge School in local, state, and national communities, the Teacher will:

– With the approval of the Program/Education Director, provide inservice/training programs to other programs


– Bachelors or better in Education or related field.
– Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL)
– Teaching Certification


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