Over the past year, employers and HR departments have had to adapt how they advertise, recruit, and hire employees. In this scramble your hiring processes may have inadvertently become inaccessible to potential deaf and hard of hearing candidates. This means you could be excluding up to 48 million qualified individuals in your searches.

What might inaccessibility look like?

With new restrictions on meeting in person, companies have had to rely more on using things like phone screening, email communication, or video conferencing software. All three of these changes can make it more difficult and/or impossible for a D/HH candidate to participate in the hiring process and accurately share their qualifications – but there are simple, cost-effective solutions.

Make your hiring practices more accessible 

CSD Works has partnered with Gallaudet University, the NAD, and RIT/NTID, to host a free workshop on how you can update your hiring processes to reach an even larger pool of qualified candidates.  

Our panel of experts will share their experiences of recruiting, hiring and onboarding D/HH employees during these unusual times. Employers are welcome to join us to learn about inclusive and accessible hiring practices that can be used now and going forward. 

Throughout the event, panelists will cover: 

  • Conducting safe and effective interviews 
  • Getting company buy-in for accessible hiring processes 
  • Do’s and don’ts of accessible interviews 
  • General tips and strategies for creating an accessible work environment 

This is a great opportunity for employers, human resource professionals, and supervisors to learn more about what they can do to be more inclusive. 

Meet the panelists

Samantha Moreno

HEB’s Disability Bridges, HEB Recruiter 

Samantha has worked with HEB for seven years. In her current role, she works as a recruiter with Disability Bridges, a program that strives to make the lives of Texans with disabilities better by providing opportunities and removing barriers for applicants and employees with disabilities

Regina Kiperman-Kiselgof 

RIT/NTID Assistant Director of the Center on Employment 

Regina Kiperman-Kiselgof assists deaf and hard-of-hearing students with employment searches in fields such as Applied Computer Technology and Information Technology. She teaches courses related to job search processes, helps students develop their interviewing skills, advises them about employment trends and coaches them on finding co-op/internship opportunities. 

Anjali Desai-Margolin 

Gallaudet University, Career Center Consultant 

Anjali is a Career Consultant with the Gallaudet University Career Center, advising students on career planning and developing their career readiness and job search skills. She also coordinates and teaches required Career Development courses to first- and second-year students 

Angel Enriquez

Amazon Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Organization, Senior Manager

Angel Enriquez (she/her) is a Senior Manager in Amazon’s Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Organization, the team responsible for setting Amazon’s global vision for DEI. Her career has centered on building mechanisms to drive equity and inclusion across HR functions and industries.

Become More Accessible. Recruit More Talent.

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