The primary responsibility of an educational interpreter is to interpret. This should take priority over any other demands. Interpreters will provide equal access between Deaf and hearing individuals including visitors, environmental sounds and incidental conversations that take place within the vicinity of the student, etc.

The deadline to apply is 02/19/2021


The employee must be able to perform these assigned duties without significant risk of substantial harm to his/her own safety/security and the safety/security of others.

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Complies with school system policies and school philosophy and programs.
    Exhibits knowledge of special education rules and regulations associated with implementation of state and federal laws.
  • Exhibits understanding of special needs children, especially the Deaf /Hard of hearing children served by the school.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of child growth and development.
  • Maintains professional relationships with professional associates, students, the community, and state and local agencies demonstrating appropriate and effective interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrates appropriate and effective office management skills such as planning, organizing and implementing.
  • Programmatic Responsibilities:
  • Maintains certification according to the guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education.
  • Provides the services of interpreting and/or transliterating according to specifications in the students’ IEP.
  • Provides input in the IEP development/review that pertains to the Deaf/Hard of hearing student’s use of interpreting/transliterating services.
  • Advocates for the needs of the Deaf/Hard of hearing students.
  • Understands the goal and the intent of the teacher’s lessons.
  • Defers to the teacher for all issues including discipline and parent concerns
  • Provides interpreting in a variety of settings assigned by interpreting services coordinator such as extracurricular activities, assemblies, field trips, etc.
  • Maintains an interpreter role in all assignments.
  • Utilizes effective interpreting techniques.
  • Monitors, identifies and makes necessary modifications to fit the communication needs of the student, considering individual academic and physical needs.
  • Maintains the content and spirit of the speaker in all interpreting assignments.
  • Facilitates communication between all consumers without interjecting personal opinions or advice.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor, only when tasks do not conflict with the primary responsibility of interpreting.
  • Recognizes and follows the communication channels for other issues or concerns.
  • Attends in-services as directed by the immediate supervisor.
  • Establishes annual professional growth goals and self-evaluation.

Professional Conduct:

  • Reports observed and/or reported instances of child abuse as mandated in the SSD Student Safety- Reporting Abuse, Neglect, or Injury policy.
  • Maintains appropriate boundaries with LSDVI staff, students and/or clients per assignment
  • Maintains positive relationships and boundaries according to EIPA, Federal, State and DOE/SSD/LSDVI policies and procedures.
  • Maintains appropriate student-adult relationships and respects the individual worth and dignity of each student.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all students and assignments, sharing information on a need to know basis with the IS Coordinator.
  • Exhibits ethical decision making according to the EIPA Guidelines of Professional Conduct for Educational
  • Interpreters while on all assignments.
  • Exhibits a willingness to accept and use suggestions for improvement.
  • Exhibits initiative and recognizes and follows established communication channels.
  • Uses time effectively.
  • Demonstrates reliability and punctuality in attendance and in meeting obligations.
  • Supports school programs and displays a positive attitude according to RID Code of Professional Conduct.


Possession of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Certificate of Interpreting (CI) or Certificate of Transliterating (CT) or National Interpreter Certificate (NIC) or Educational Interpreting Performance Assessment (EIPA) 4.0 or higher and EIPA written test.
Bachelor’s degree or 4 years of full-time paid certified interpreting experience in an educational setting.
Within 30 days of appointment, must possess education ancillary certificate issued by LDOE or ancillary grandfathered certificate.
Within six months of appointment, must possess Advanced Plus Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) rating and achieve Superior rating within first 2 years of employment. The minimum acceptable SPLI level for effective job performance is Superior.
Good human relations skills.
Must become an LSDVI approved driver.


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