This is a full time position, 10 -11 months, 8 hours per day. Must be willing to work flexible shifts and days. Travel, night and weekend work may be required.

The deadline to apply is 02/11/2021


Program Management Responsibilities

Implements school system policies and school philosophy and programs.
Exhibits knowledge of special education rules and regulations associated with implementation of state and federal laws.
Exhibits understanding of children with handicaps and their needs, especially the Deaf and hearing impaired children served by the school.
Demonstrates awareness of specialists, agencies, and organizations that serve children with disabilities and their families referring students with special needs who require additional services to appropriate personnel within and outside the school.
Demonstrates knowledge of child growth and development.
Demonstrates appropriate and effective program management skills such as planning, organizing and implementing.
Exercises good judgment in making decisions.
Maintains complete and accurate records pertinent to students' scholastic and personal development and exercises confidentiality of information in accordance with requirements of the law.
Communicates effectively with parents.
Maintains a positive relationship with professional associates, the community, the parents of the students and state and local agencies and demonstrates appropriate and effective interpersonal skills.
Consults and coordinates with agencies as appropriate, including arranging transportation of students and follow-up visits.
Participates in school-sponsored activities as sponsor, advisor, and/or participant.

Programmatic Responsibilities

Provides large group counseling lessons focusing on Social Emotional Learning.
Works in collaboration with school personnel to provide mental health counseling services to LSD students considered in need of Tier 2 or Tier 3 mental health support.
Provides small group and individual counseling in a confidential setting to students as needed.
Conducts support groups for students with special needs, e.g., Usher's Syndrome, Severe Grief Reactions, and Behavior Disorders.
Participates in staffing or professional conferences concerning students' academic program or personal development.
Helps create and maintain a school counseling program that is comprehensive, preventative and developmental. The school counseling program is to be aligned with the Louisiana School Counseling Model.
Maintains a safe physical environment and demonstrates appropriate and effective student management.
Conducts training for faculty, staff and parents to enhance knowledge of students' developmental needs and other areas of concern.
Completes Needs Assessments related to the development of student social emotional skills to help focus on specific needs of students.
Utilizes effective counseling techniques to meet the needs and interests of individual students.
Demonstrates competency in the interpretation of clinical findings to parents, teachers, student life personnel, and other educational and related agencies.
Facilitates communication between parents, teachers, student life personnel, and other related agencies.
Supports teachers in implementing strategies to support student social emotional needs in the classroom and throughout school environments.
Serves on the School Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) committee, playing a lead role in organizing and tracking progress of PBIS implementation at LSD.

Professional Conduct

Demonstrates reliability and punctuality in attendance and in meeting obligations.
Exhibits professional ethics.
Exhibits initiative and recognizes and follows established communication channels.
Serves as a member of various school-related committees where appropriate.
Exhibits a willingness to accept and use suggestions for improvement.
Uses time effectively.
Assumes responsibility for professional growth and Participates in in-service training and professional conferences.
May be required to develop and implement a Professional Growth Plan in consultation with the designated supervisor.
May be required to complete a self-evaluation.
Maintains an appropriate student-adult relationship and respects the individual worth and dignity of each student.
Demonstrates effective expressive and receptive sign language skills.
Performs other duties as assigned.


Master's degree in school counseling or guidance and counseling, or master's degree with the equivalent hours and courses required for a master's degree in school counseling or guidance and counseling or social worker.

Three years of full-time, professional experience in counseling preferred. For applicants qualifying with teacher certification that includes the guidance counselor endorsement, 3 years of teaching experience at the elementary or secondary level is required or 2 years of successful teaching experience at the secondary level and 1 year of accumulated occupational experience. Background and/or experience in education of the Deaf and/or visually impaired, or working with hearing impaired and/or visually impaired individuals is preferred.

Must hold a State of Louisiana Counseling Certificate/License.

Credentials must include good human relations skills needed to develop and maintain student rapport, confidence and trust.


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