Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf in Pittsburgh, PA is looking for a Coordinator of Communication Support Services (ASL Interpreter Certification Required).

The deadline to apply is 05/28/2021


To ensure that staff are competent in the use of ASL and committed to the agency values and principles, the Coordinator of Communication Support Services will:

– Participate in the recruitment, interviewing and training of potential new Interpreters;
– Provide both formal and informal training for assigned staff; Training should be individualized, specialized and ongoing;
– Provide formal and informal opportunities for staff feedback as to the effectiveness of the support they are receiving;
– Have regular contact with assigned staff to ensure open lines of communication—receive both verbal and written feedback;
– Participate and or support staff in interpreting during critical incidents with students if warranted.

To ensure that the communication needs and supports of staff and children are met the Coordinator of Communication Support Services will:
– Oversee the development and implementation of all communication services for children enrolled in the school and residential setting;
– Provide supervision to contracted interpreters;
– Be available for case consultation to front line staff;
– In the role of sign language interpreter, the Coordinator should expect to interpret in various settings within Pressley Ridge programs including, but not limited to classrooms, client-centered team meetings, staff meetings, staff trainings, home visits, and many other informal and formal situations;
– Ensure that staff are trained in ASL;
– In conjunction with the PRSD leadership team ensure that staff are using program approved Deaf friendly clinical strategies when working with children and their families;
– Create and coordinate emerging curriculum so that ASL and Deaf staff have a ready accessibility to the various curricula.

To ensure integrity of the services provided by the Pressley Ridge’s School for the Deaf the Coordinator of Communication Support Services will:

– Conduct professional workshops and trainings both internal to the program and as well as to other Pressley Ridge programs serving members of the Deaf community;
– Conduct professional workshops and training to external agencies and stakeholders;
– Sit on various task forces and/or teams associated with the advocacy and problem solving leaders and stakeholders working on behalf of the deaf and hard of hearing;
– Oversee interpreter practices to ensure compliance with regulation and keeping with PRSD policy, procedure, values, and standards of professional and ethical conduct by adherence to the National – – – – Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional – – – – – Conduct including but not limited to the following:
– Interpreters adhere to standards of confidential communication.
– Interpreters possess the professional skills and knowledge required for the specific interpreting situation.
– Interpreters conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the specific interpreting situation.
– Interpreters demonstrate respect for consumers.
– Interpreters demonstrate respect for colleagues, interns, and students of the profession.
– Interpreters maintain ethical business practices.
– Interpreters engage in professional development. (NAD-RID Code of Conduct)
Interpreters actively implement components of all Re-ED values

To ensure that the network of relationships within and outside the program is established and maintained, the Coordinator of Communication Support Services will:

– Maintain collaborative working relationship with referral sources and other providers and agencies as appropriate;
– Attend scheduled management team meetings, program development planning, supervisory meetings, etc;
– Participate on agency committees as assigned;
– Support and encourage collaborative efforts with other Pressley Ridge programs to ensure continuity of care for children who receive more than one service within the agency;
– Maintain professional affiliations and connectedness to others in the field through conferences, workshops and associations; Respond to RFP’s and be aware of new business and service opportunities


Bachelors or better in Human Services or related field.

Masters or better in Human Services or related field.


– Current registration with Pennsylvania’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
– Current Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Certification
– Good command of the English language including education and mental health terms.
– Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL)
– 5 years: Experience interpreting American Sign Language (ASL) in a variety of settings.

Knowledge or training in psychology or other related fields preferred. Experience working with children with severe emotional and behavioral issues.


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