Certified Test Consultant Independent Contractor

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Remote: Yes
Employee Start Date: 10/15/2021
Job Summary:
The purpose of the Certified Test Consultant (or CTC) position is to engage the unique insights an individual living with a disability or disabilities gains in their life experience, in performing user-experience tests for websites, software, mobile applications and other electronic venues, for WeCo’s clients.

Reason for this Position

People living with disabilities often have limited access, to many web sites and electronic venues. WeCo trains talented professionals who live with disabilities to become digital subject matter experts with the goal of helping organizations find practical ways to make their online and electronic venues accessible to a wider range of people living with disabilities. The WeCo Certified Test Consultant role builds upon the unique perspective of individuals living with disabilities and pairs them with WeCo’s proprietary usability testing method. WeCo’s usability testing products provide our clients with valuable information on how to make website, software, mobile applications and other electronic venues, truly accessible to people living with disabilities.

Deadline to Apply: 10/15/2021
  • Testing websites and/or mobile applications for accessibility
  • Clearly communicating your user experience within the website or mobile application
  • You are required to meet specific deadlines
  • WeCo Certified Test Consultants, in order to be qualified to do the work required by this role must, among other requirements, live with one or more disability* recognized by the US Department of Human Services: Cognitive, Hearing, Motor Skill or Sight related. This disability must affect your computer use in some way.
  • Mastery of assistive devices used to access website and software, if applicable to a person’s disability.
  • Ability to navigate websites and software at a basic level of above. (Understand mouse and search box use, how links function, etc.)
  • Have access to a laptop or desk top computer
  • Understanding of email communication; must actively use some type of account for communication with us.
  • Access to and ability to create a document in Microsoft Word.
  • The ability to complete work independent of supervision OR be positioned to work consistently with the assistance of a job coach, counselor, friend or family member, to complete assigned work on time and to the expectation level communicated by the company.
  • Space to work from home or create a home office environment
  • Certification through online training is a requirement for this position. This training will enable the successful candidate to not only work for WeCo Accessibility Services, but it may enable them to perform user testing for other organizations as well. WeCo provides compensation for this training to all successful WeCo Certified Test Consultants candidates.
Additional Notes: Due to the nature of the usability testing this role performs, Certified Test Consultants are paid per project, and not at an hourly rate. The per project rate depends upon the size and complexity of a given project. On average, a new WeCo Certified Test Consultant may expect to earn between $75-$150* per testing assignment which may take 1-4 hours. *This amount is an average estimate and cannot be guaranteed.


Certified Test Consultants may advance via the WeCo Career Path. WeCo Career Path perks include:

• Increased testing assignment pay rate
• Company recognition and awards
• Leadership opportunities
• Opportunity to gain additional experience in a professional work environment.

WeCo also provides a welcoming social environment through online monthly online gatherings, social media platforms and more, which our Certified Test Consultants can take part in if they choose.

NOTE: Certified Test Consultants are not required to advance to on the WeCo Career Path or participate in social events and environments to work with our company. More information is available upon request.


The WeCo Certified Test Consultant position is considered an independent contractor role. This means that:

1. As an independent consultant, you are free to set you own work hours and work at any location you choose, including in your home.

2. You can choose to work as a Certified Test Consultant on a part-time basis, in combination with another position, or full-time. The decision is yours.

3. You have the option to accept or turn down assignments based upon your preference and availability.

4. You may perform testing work for organizations outside of WeCo.

NOTE: You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in which you agree not to share WeCo’s testing methods with other organizations.

5. WeCo cannot guarantee any amount of work or income level with this position. Assignments are distributed based upon the needs of our clients and specific projects as well as upon the quality of work you deliver, and your reliability, as a Certified Test Consultant.

6. Because of the nature of our business, you may experience periods of time between work assignments. We will do our best to help you make the most of the down time by offering training and other professional preparation during this period.

7. As an independent consultant, you will need to track your income from WeCo and withhold your own taxes as an independent consultant.

Please fill out our online application in it’s entirety. If you need assistance or accommodation, please reach out to hr@theweco.com for assistance.

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