Educational Interpreter- Tucson & Phoenix

Nov 9, 2023

Organization: Arizona State Schools For The Deaf And The Blind

Remote: No

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Deadline to Apply: 11/30/2023
Employee Start Date: 12/12/2023

Job Summary:

Provides interpreting services in educational settings for deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind students, pursuant to the students’ IEP(s). Matching the language use of students, their peers and instructors where travel may be required to interpret in the educational setting, the interpreter utilizes the interpreting process to ensure that the student has access to communication in the class including incidental language situations and other environmental auditory information when appropriate; facilitates communication between peers and others in the environment as needed; clarifies information interpreted to the student within the classroom setting to aid in understanding of lesson content.

Additionally, this position may participate as an IEP team member regarding language use and/or communication access; communicates with classroom teacher/appropriate educational personnel about the communication needs of the student(s) and the course subject matter on a regular basis, and fulfills other responsibilities consistent with the policies and procedures of the host district(s) and/or ASDB.

**Educational Interpreter/Transition Technician** In addition to the essential duties of an Educational Interpreter, a staff member may also be assigned as vocational support and/or a “Transition Technician” (also known as “Career Path Technician”). The Educational Interpreter/Transition Technician will assist student(s) individually in academic or vocational subjects as assigned by the IEP team under the supervision of the Lead Interpreter and/or Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, or another appointed agency representative. This support may include tutoring student(s) regarding vocational content when not interpreting. Educational Interpreters in the CPT role may be required to also provide transportation to and/or from an Internship/CTE job or class, as well as provide the necessary on-site interpreting for the student(s).

Position will be responsible for some or all of the listed duties and/or additional duties that occur from time to time.


  • Policies, procedures, and programs of the immediate work unit
  • Principles and practices of administration and management
  • Agency or program rules, regulations, and operating procedures
  • Content in the classroom to be able to interpret concepts and vocabulary accurately and meaningfully
  • Aware of meaning and application of appropriate techniques for non-verbal communication, using body language, gestures, cues, and facial expressions
  • Various interpreting processing models, Deaf Culture & cultural diversity
  • Written and spoken English and American Sign Language, including syntax, lexicon, prosody, and pragmatics
  • RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) for interpreters, National Association of Interpreters in Education (NAIE) Professional Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings, and Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) Guidelines for Professional Conduct
  • Educational resources, including agency assistive technology services and provisions, teacher referrals, interpreting services provided outside of educational settings, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)/ADA, and other community resources
  • Individual Educational Program (IEP) process and standard procedures


  • Must be able to pass FBI and State background check
  • Defensive Driver Training Program to be completed by all agency personnel that drive on State business
  • Show minimum proficiency in interpreting skills through one of the following: 1) Proof of a score of 3.5 or higher on the Education Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA), or 2) Valid RID/NAD/BEI certification including, CSC, CI, CT, CDI, SC:L, NIC (any variation), BEI (any variation), NAD (level 3 or higher)
  • In the event that the Agency cannot find a candidate meeting the qualifications for minimum proficiency in interpreting skills, an individual may be hired or retained with lesser skills who has demonstrated proficiency in English and in ASL, by fulfilling the minimum degree requirement and a EIPA Pre-Hire Screening result indicating the candidate has “skills at or above the required level” rating. The person will have to be placed on a professional development plan, regardless of the pre-screening result as it does not indicate that the interpreter can meet the state’s minimum requirement. This plan must include, 1) Proof of at least twenty-four (24) hours of training in interpreting for each year that a valid certification is not held or EIPA passing score of 3.5 or higher is not attained, and 2) Documentation of a plan for the individual to meet the required qualifications within three (3) years. If this plan is not met, but progress toward attainment is demonstrated, the supervisor can determine that the plan can be modified to include an intensive program up to one (1) additional year to meet the minimum proficiencies.
  • Lead Educational Interpreters are required to possess a minimum EIPA score of 4.0 and/or maintain a valid RID/NAD/BEI certification including, CSC, CI, CT, CDI, SC:L, NIC (any variation), BEI (any variation), NAD (level 3 or higher)
Additional Notes:
Pay Rate: $20.00/hr.-$37.58/hr.


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