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We’re your partner in recruiting, hiring and cultivating a diverse workforce.

Welcome to CSD Works

We Believe in Building Careers

As a deaf-led nonprofit, Communication Service for the Deaf has spent 45 years creating deaf-friendly careers and dismantling communication barriers between deaf and hearing people. CSD Works provides specialized services, educational materials, and builds support systems that set deaf and hard-of-hearing job seekers up for sustainable success.

We Believe Communication Fuels Success

We strive to support collaborative efforts between Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies, their deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) clients, and the employers who hire them.

We collaborate with VR agencies to design customized, culturally responsive job training, coaching, and placement services for D/HH individuals.

Through our job development and retention programs, we support employers of D/HH workers as they create deaf-friendly positions and facilitate access.

We work to ensure that D/HH clients not only receive initial job placement but access to a workplace where they can thrive.

Meet the Team

Kristy Ramos | Director, CSD Works

Kristy Ramos is the Director of CSD Works. She manages the overall operational development and management of high-quality economic development-related services to support and guide consumers to find and secure gainful employment.

Kristy oversees the development and operational functions of CSD Works employment and transitional employment programs, including the direct management of support staff and CSD Works job support platforms. She works closely with state of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide employment services for their DHH consumers.

Michael Milcznski | Career Readiness Specialist

Michael Milczniski is a career specialist who guides deaf and hard of hearing consumers to employment by using various assessments like career testing, social skills, time management, vocational and situational assessments, and other skilled evaluations. He identifies and acquires new opportunities for qualified job seekers to obtain the best possible employment in conjunction with their goals.

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