Connecting Deaf People with Employment Opportunities

Find Work or Career Advancement with CSD Works Accessibility in the Workplace!

How CSD Works for Deaf People

We partner with your local VR Counselor to identify barriers, strengths, resources, abilities, and interests to build a plan for your next job and/or career advancement.

Empowering Deaf People with Resources

  • We assist in identifying vocational options.
  • We evaluate your support needs in an actual work environment.
  • We work with you to explore career interests, aptitudes, and skills; and formulate immediate and long-term work/career goals.

Do not have a VR Counselor? Not a problem. Connect with us by Email or video chat using ASL Now


To prepare for, obtain, and retain employment!
  • Assist with your schedule to efficiently search for jobs
  • Create your cover letter, resumé, and portfolio
  • Learn interview techniques


Make a career plan with steps for an effective job search!

  • Establish short and long term goals
  • Assess interests, skills, and experience
  • Identify current job openings and match with employers


Let us help you with your career placement!

  • Get noticed faster with our network of employers
  • 30-90 days post-hire evaluation
  • Provide resources to ensure a successful placement


CSD Works has Helped Deaf People Succeed!

in looking
for new work!
in filling-out
job applications!
in job-searching

How CSD Works for Employers

Companies looking to hire Deaf people are empowered with tools and resources for a smooth hiring process and accessible work environment!

Deaf-Friendly Training

Plus workplace assessment for current and future needs.

Communication Access

Ensure a smooth interview process with an interpreter.

ASL Classes

Employers and coworkers learn to sign!

Learn More

“The impact and partnership we have over the last few months has been eye opening. I know we have shared many of your suggestions with our peers and with the company. Some immediate shared changes were the closed caption to our TVs in the associates breakroom and sharing your best practices with phone conversations and interviews to the team has been very helpful.”

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