Services for State of Vocational Rehabilation

CSD Works is a supported employment service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers with the ultimate goal to prepare for, find, and advance in employment by collaborating with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The list of services we provide in the following:
Employment Services

CSD Works staff will meet with the consumer to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) report, which will include:

  • Areas to be addressed, proposed activities, outcomes, methods to track progress
  • Schedule, a timeline for completion, and persons responsible

Job Club Training & Coaching
Assist a consumer in enhancing their strengths,

  • Improve their job skills and appropriate work-related “soft skill’ behaviors to enhance the consumer’s employability
  • Train consumer in overcoming their barriers, and assist in the development skills, motivation, as well as develop their social and life skills
  • Teach consumer about resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Coordinate job search activities, identify appropriate job openings

Job Development
Assist a consumer in an organized, planned manner to prepare, obtain, and retain employment.

  • Identify labor market trends and find suitable jobs for deaf and hard of hearing consumers
  • Maintain meaningful partnership with employers and businesses to secure viable employment opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing consumers
  • Educate employers and companies about disability laws and best practices in hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees

Job Placement
Assist a consumer in finding a job and reduce the length of time of unemployed, as well as minimize the stress and struggle of the job search process.

  • The consumer will have access to potential jobs that might not be advertised elsewhere
  • Skills/ career objectives can be specifically matched to employment settings

Help deaf and hard of hearing consumers keep their jobs.

  • Regular check-ins with consumer and their supervisor
  • 30, 60, 90 days evaluation to support both consumers and employers.
Assessment Services

CSD Works identifies barriers to employment, strengths, resources, abilities, interests, and/or determines our services’ nature and scope. Below are three (3) services that we can offer.

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation
A comprehensive process of vocational exploration and assessment designed to assist individuals in identifying their vocational options

Situational Assessment
Evaluate an individual’s support needs in an actual work environment, as well as the work environment’s ability to “naturally” provide those work supports

Vocational Assessment
Assist individuals with disabilities, injured or displaced workers identify and explore their career interests, aptitudes, and skills, and formulate immediate and long-term work/career goals

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